Decorative Fancy Wall Clocks

Fancy wall clocks look so cute and interesting. Wherever you’ll put them, they keep charming and striking. Wall clocks are one of wall decorations that have crucial function for us. They let us know the time. As wall decoration, they give attractive look and even they will be a striking accent wall if they have unique design. Talking more about the design, fancy wall clocks have been produced in wide theme options. The themes are floral, character, animal, nautical, outdoor, nature, kitchen, game, and sport.

The fancy wall clocks are also designed in several styles. You can choose from these style selections: retro, modern, contemporary, traditional, kids, and vintage. The size also varies, such as under 10 inch, 11-15 inch, 16-20 inch, 21-25 inch, and over 25 inch. What about the shape? Do they have many options of shape? Fancy wall clocks have different shapes like round, novelty, rectangle, oval, square, and round. Most manufacturers use glass, plastic, metal. Steel and wood are several material selections of such type of wall clocks.

A fancy wall clock is supported with some features: frame, timer, music, and glow in the dark, date, and alarm. These features are optional. This means that not all fancy wall clocks have these full-features. Few of them unframed and others have the frame. Any types of clock, including fancy wall clock, have different type of number. Generally, there are three types of number usually inserted on clock. They are standard, Roman, and no numbers.

Interestingly, all series of fancy wall clocks are battery-operated, so they are really easy to use, to installed and low maintenance. Well, we have several ideas of fancy wall clocks with unique design. Let you know them by visiting our gallery.


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