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Attractive And Stylish Modular Shelving Systems And An Italian Furniture Design With Creative Blend Of Modern Art And New Trends And For Modern Interior Design
Black Typeself That Says Shelf As Decorative Letters For Shelves On White Wall
Decorative Light Wooden Letters For Shelves By Giulia Bortolotti And Lucio Leone For Books Storage Also Using Water Based Paint And Sealers
White Jumble Of Letters Shelf Design By Pieter De Leeuw Form A Creative Shelves And Hold Books And Stuffs In Random Niches Near Brick Pattern Wall
Creative And Decorative Red And Blue Transparent Colors Of Acrylic Material With Red Acrylic For HOT Above Blue Acrylic For COLD Placed In Living Room Or Home Office
Nice Floating Decorative Letters For Shelves In The Bedroom With LOVE Letters Set In White And Pink Colors And On The Light Blue Wall And Above The Bed
Floating Book Shelves Design With Decorative Letters Idea With Acrylic Material In White Transparent Color Hangin On The Wall To Store Books And Stuffs
Creative And Decorative Red Music Letters Design For Shelves And Floating Decorative Letters With Red Transparent Color Of Acrylic Material
Decorative Wooden Letters For Shelves By Italian Architects Giulia Bortolotti And Lucio Leone Consists  Of Letters To Be Set Flexibly Like BOOK Letters Shelves For Books And Notes
Small Children Room With Floating Red A And Z Letters For Shelves To Store Books Notes And Stuffs Hang On The White Wall Near Kids Drawing And Pictures

When you want to have a stylish room, you can decorate the room with decorative letters for shelves. Many kinds of decorative letters can be bought from stores or via online. Even you can create your own decorative letters with your creativity. Here are some examples of nice decorative letters for shelves.

The first example is modular shelving systems. The small shelves and space dividers create different letters. It has maximum storage, so you can use it efficiently and organize your books and stuffs well. This Italian furniture design will solve your space and storage problems. Besides, this decorative letters for shelves is attractive and stylish. It is suitable as a modern interior design for your home office.

Other example is to put decorative wooden letters for shelves in your room. The latest project of two young architects from Italia named Giulia Bortolotti and Lucio Leone is Wooden Letters d├ęcor. Because it consists of alphabet letters, you can choose to set it with B-O-O-K letters for book storage in your home office or other letters for decorative stuffs in the living room. The skilled woodworker artisans make this handicraft wooden letters using water-based paint and sealers.

Decorative letters that are made of high quality acrylic can be another alternative to decorate your room. This acrylic material is a new fashion material with transparent texture like glass, but it is not fragile. It will bring simple yet modern appearances to your room with its various transparent colors. This letters shelves are mostly suitable for bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms.

These pictures below are the other examples of decorative letters for shelves that is nicely fit your room.


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