Design Homes Fond du lac Stones

Fond du lac stones are the kind of natural stones originally come from Fond du lac, Wisconsin, US. The name of Fond du lac itself is derived from French which means ‘the bottom of lake’. The city is located in the bottom of Lake Winnebago. Fond du lac stones are transported from this city and they are used as the materials of constructions/ buildings. We can often find them for indoor and outdoor as well.

Design homes Fond du lac stones for indoor, for instance, add rustic accent to the rooms. The stones are beautifully used as the wall systems. Fond du lac stones-wall systems look gorgeous after being combined with pale tone colored-wood floors. To strengthen the rustic style in a room, you can let to expose logs construction supporting the ceiling. The use of Fond du lac stones for indoor also can usually be found for fireplace mantels. Whether you are going to install contemporary or traditional fireplace, Fond du lac stones-fireplace mantels suit any fireplace types.

Design homes Fond du lac stones for outdoor can be discovered in patio, exterior wall systems, and garden decoration. Patio floors with Fond du lac stones, surely, will add the beauty value because they make the patio looks great and more eye-catching. The stones are also perfect for outdoor fireplace mantels and outdoor kitchen set. You just need to complete the patio or outdoor kitchen set with furniture sets matching the stones’ tone color.

Mini patio with ground floors sounds so interesting to apply, but it looks more attractive if you add ‘garnish’ for the patio. Patio’s frame made from the arrangement of Fond du lac stones is a good choice. Actually, there are still many of design homes Fond du lac stones for residential constructions.


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