Designing Kitchen Studio – Nature and Modernity Combination

Do you want to live in a house that combine nature and modernity at once? Yeah, it must be pampering to have a retreat with that kind of nuance. There is no limit for you to enjoy both refreshing ambiance from the nature and also some sophisticated features from the modern style. no need to apply this matter to the whole home design because a kitchen studio can be a complete spot that offers you endless beauty of outside space with lavish furniture inside. Give it a look!

The first studio kitchen design greets every single occupant with its great look from the combination of brick wall accent and the concrete one. Aside of that, your sight may first fall to the giant black shaded pendants above the island. To arrange the nuance to always close to the nature, the brightness inside the kitchen is caught by the skylight on the ceiling.

Further, enchanting soft turquoise style in a kitchen is also a good accent to make your kitchen bright and awesome. There is no need to apply the tone to the whole room, but what you need to do it take it only for the island. Yeah, it becomes kind of focal point I guess.

Further, sharing fresh air in the kitchen is also great with indoor plants. Yeah, some greenery inside the house is more than a source of fresh air to breath, but it is also a nice sight to pamper the vibe with beautiful outlook.

Designing the kitchen top in yellow is one way to reflect the nature by stealing the tone of lemonade. What do you think?


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