DIY Makeup Organizing Ideas for Simple but Stylish Dressing Room

Once many women gather in a cosial pub, a home, or even in an office, beside talking about their job, there is another matter that bothers the most. Yeah, it is makeup tools that they bring many where just to touch up everytime they need it. However, how they organize their makeup tools at home? They must apply some diy makeup organizing ideas like following pictures!

Choosing an acrylic tray to organize the makeup tools is a simple way and cheap. It doesn’t need more effort to work with because there are already some plots with siding that part different types of tools.

Further, a set of acrylic drawers will be the next awesome design as it comes with simplicity and portable mode. It simples the design with some rectangle drawers to differ one tool to another one. The transparent material is just wonderful to know what’s inside!

In addition, being more creative with candy can is now available to help you organizing the makeup tools. What you need here are candy can, ribbon and traditional jute rope for vintage style. then, decorate the can with ribbon, hang to the wall, and finish! Isn’t it easy?

Meanwhile, another simple organizer lets you have light tray made of box to arrange the tools. Making certain cluster like lipsticks, shading, powder in different plots is helpful for stylish and tidy look!

Then, combining both drawers and pots to arrange the tools is another way to deal with your favorite things. Drawers for the makeup and pots for the tools are great separation!


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