Getting a Fabulous Door for Your Patio

Having a patio on your house is very fun because you can have an outdoor meal with your family. Whether summer or spring, a patio is a good place to enjoy the weather while spending your time with people you love. However, a problem comes when you have no idea on what door that is suitable for your patio. You can look several types of patio door below for your inspiration.

The first option is French door that gives an elegant touch for the patio. You can choose in-swing or out-swing depends on your preference. In-swing French door requires an accurate furniture placement and it usually has limited width of each panel to be opened. On the other hand, out-swing French door has a problem with gusts of wind because it can slam the door strongly and damage the door frame. The other patio door is sliding glass door that gives modern look. The advantage of having sliding door is it can be opened quite wide, especially if you have telescoping door. It usually has more than two panels, so you can have really wide patio entrance from corner to corner.

Folding glass door is another good option that has similar characteristic with telescoping door. You can open the door from side to side and omit the border of outdoor and indoor area. if you still not sure about the patio door, you can select pivot door. The pivot has a similar function with hinged door, but it opens larger. However, if you live in the area that needs screening door, pivot door is not recommended for you.


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