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Simple Wood Trundle Bed With Bed Addition
Dark Brown Painted Wood Trundle With Headboard And Additional Bed Plus Drawers White Shaggy Bedroom Rug
Wooden Double Trundle Bed Design With Cozy Bedding And Yellow And Pink Bedcover
Wooden Trundle With Additional Bed White Rug For Bedroom
White Painted Wood Trundle Bed With Additional Bed And Mall White Shag Rug In Bedroom
Unique Trundle With Bed Addition For Kids In Car Theme Blue Shag Bedroom Rug
Black Painted Wooden Double Trundle With Drawers And Headboard White Mattress Brown Wool Bedroom Rug
Pure White Double Trundle Bed Idea For Little Girl  White Bedroom Rug
White Double Trundle Bed Design With Drawers And Headboard Girly Bedroom Rug With Multi Color Patterns
Unfinished Wooden Double Trundle Bed Idea With A Pair Of Drawers An Unfinished Wooden Stoarge Round Blue Navy Rug For Bedroom

Double trundle bed for kids’ bedroom is a good option for parents with limited space of kids’ bedroom. The bed set consists of a main bed frame and one bed frame addition. The bed frame addition is on the prime bed frames underneath, so the kids can use their own bed when want to go sleeping. Sliding bed frame addition is the most common model applied on most double trundle bed product selections. Just few of them are designed in another model. Second most popular model is the double trundle beds with stairs.

Special for the sets of double trundle bed with stairs, they are rather similar to the sets of loft bed furniture. The difference is only on the feature filling the under space of prime bed frame. We all know that there are many feature options of loft bed which can be set on under space of bed. One of them is an additional trundle. Working desk, computer desk, and storage/ closet are other optional feature added at the vacant space of loft bed frame underneath.

Double trundle beds for kids’ bedroom have been produced in wide variants of design and style. Among these vast styles and designs, modern trundle beds become the most favorite one today. Its modernity not only presents cozy models, but it also highlights the cool colors. Modern color varies, such as fun and multi-color ones. These color options are applied for driving the kids, especially when they are having spare time in their rooms.

Well, here are some options of model, color, and feature applied on kids’ double trundle bed products. These options are expected to be recommended references for you who are really searching for space-effective and stylish kids’ bed. Please, visit our gallery.


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