Driftwood Mantle Steals Rustic Appeal from the Past and Wraps It with Modernity


Fireplace mantle is too flat left in its casual design without any decoration. Therefore, people add garland, Christmas ball, candle and even the log itself to give different color. I think there is still a way to make a mantle becomes more and more stunning. A driftwood mantle steals rustic appeal from the past and Wraps it with modernity.

Having yourself warm before a fireplace with stone mantle is common, looking on its storage is also ordinary. So, you need to install driftwood mantel above the fireplace. Old driftwood mantle gives rustic appeal to add the industrial style of the design. added with viking ornament on its countertop, it asks you to back to the before century era.

Three trunk is also a nice appeal to replace bold driftwood mantle. Iā€™m sure that the designer takes smaller part to fit the small fireplace. Putting it on pine leaves added to the fireplace mantle will liven the trunk. I like the round mirror with root garland!

In addition, amazing driftwood mantle appears in wooden cabin with its stunning stone fireplace mantle. I think this post understates industrial appeal pretty good! Added with metal accent to the driftwood and the candles on it brings you back to enjoy the last Christmas!

Simple driftwood combination gives you different awe with black metal wrap on the both ends. It seems to be natural to splash the dark stone fireplace mantle. It is more than a decoration, but it strengthens the mantle instead.

To feed your feminine side, Rustic driftwood with floral decoration must be perfect!

Reference: www.houzz.com

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