Drop Leaf Table with Chair Storage: The Variations and Implementations

beach style & formal living room larger wooden drop leaf table white sofa wooden chairs with white throw pillows elegant chandelier standard fireplace Cottage Company

Drop leaf table with chair storage is space-saver and flexible to use. This kind of practical furnishing piece is helpful for small rooms. However, it is not always for limited rooms only, it’s also recommended for ‘fat’ rooms in your house, especially those usually used for parties or gatherings.

This furniture offers a practical design for many purposes. When the leaves are raised, it can house more users, but when the leaves are folded down, now you have a prompt console table. What about the chairs? You can insert the chairs beneath the table when not use, but you can keep them away when needed to provide more seats.

Although this furniture is so popular now, some people get hard to afford it. They may need to order it in custom, or they have to seek it in many furniture shops. But today, I would like to help you finding the best one for you home through this website. Here, I have posted ten best of drop leaf table designs complete with the variants of implementation. At least, these designs can inspire you and then make you easier to find the best one.

modern dining room drop leaft wooden table modern white chairs with angled wood legs blue rug with modern patterns

Angela Adams

A perfect breakfast nook. The space is furnished with a space-saver drop leaf table and chairs. They’re so adorable, an ideal companion for this small dining room.

Add an accent table to your cabin and make it a console for fitting your artistic table lamp, use a glass window as the background. I’m really sure this setting must be a photogenic spot.

What a perfect side table! The table is actually a drop leaf table with white finishing. I think the owner doesn’t want to use fairly white finishing for a shabby & chic look. The existed finishing also exposes natural scratches for creating a used-item visual effect.

eclectic dining nook dark wood drop leaf table dark wood chairs with knitted wood seating low lighted statement pendant


Create a casual and relaxing nook with such a lovely seating area. The end of table’s shape adds style and uniqueness, and the dark wood finishing supports the lighting that brings warming nuance. A good spot for having some cups of tea while enjoying your evenings/ mornings.

The colors express cheerful vintage style that fits teen girls. The chairs and drop leaf table have similar primary color but different in color accent, and the wallpaper and wall decors are the saver that make this furniture more alive.

Personalize your open-concept dining room with this little dining furniture set. At glance, the space is furnished with scandinavian pieces, but the table isn’t. The table is in darker & shabbier finish, giving a bit vintage appeal. And look at the scratches, they’re artificial but seem so natural. Fairly white wall panel here is a perfect match that makes the table stands out.

Larger drop leaf table can also be used for formal purpose like in this living room. Just combine it with a set of formal yet comfy sofa/ couch for accommodating your guests. Add some decorative items like fresh flowers with the vase on it, or a set of dramatic chandelier for more attractive space.

Not always be the dining table, a drop leaf table may be placed for a console behind your couch. It’s decorative as well as functional item.

Adopt from a 1950s trend, this drop leaf table really great in retro. As a mini dining space, the table and chairs are visually compact but offer comfy spot for having meals. The color, additionally, mirrors what retro looks like.

A drop leaf table is now turning into a stylish, practical, and functional bathroom vanity. Be out-of-box individual by transforming your furniture piece into something different one like this vanity. In this idea, the homeowner keeps original finish (antique) as the accent that exposes decorative appeal. This surely fits a rustic bathroom concept.

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