Elegant Apartment In Hanoi Featuring Colorful Wall Tiles

One apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam creates an eclectic design of contemporary apartment that are successfully grab many people’s attention. The apartment has been through the renovation process by Landmark Architect which resulting a new wonderful face. Take a look at these wonderful pictures of contemporary apartment in Hanoi which featuring unique and colorful wall tiles.

The architects are very great because they make even smaller room look larger. With a brilliant idea of elaborating the kitchen, living room and dining room without making any confuses, the interior design is simply perfect. The neutral backdrop of excellent white gives a bold statement of its contemporary theme that supports the idea of spacious area. What captivated many eyes to this wonderful apartment are the colorful mosaic tiles on the wall. With different ethnic pattern, it can pop different theme.

With yellow lighting concept, it can provide natural illumination that can beautify the whole spaces. The architects do not forget to bring natural element to the room by arranging potted flower on the dining table The placement of the furniture is also very well organized which make the whole room even more elegant. This is absolutely a simple apartment with a great artistic design.

reference: homedit.com

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