Elegant Vanity Chair and Stool that You Must Have

Give the best touch for your dressing spot in the bedroom! Yeah, you know that what I mean here is vanity in the bedroom. Sure, you will spend more than 15 minutes before every outing. It means that vanity takeslot of function in the bedroom that you cannot ignore. Aside the unique design of the vanity itself, you must take care about the mirror as well as the chair or even stool that you install. Fortunately, below are some elegant vanity chairs and stools that will be perfect to color your bedroom vanity!

If you have elegant vintage white vanity design, it is perfect for you to pick the white stool with carved frame and patterned upholster. It will give you the feeling of becoming a princess. There is nothing as special as this design, so don’t miss it!

Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to have a nice shabby chic bedroom design, then your vanity must be the one in style. completing the modern white wooden vanity is a small cute chair with bold upholster. It is so lovely with super contrast black wooden legs. I like it for the total comfort!

Meanwhile, to deal with the brown bedroom vanity, you ca have another brown painted stool design with black patterned bolster. It will bring you the passed memory back, so you will love it!

A blue tall backrested chair becomes the next awesome design that fits the industrial styled vanity. It faces the white and big bedroom vanity gracefully, and the blue upholster defines everything beautifully!

Reference: foter.com

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