Most Energy Efficient Home Designs

Energy-efficient homes are the constructions designed with a purpose of energy efficiency. The energy efficiency can be achieved by reducing or even applying zero energy-use in daily life. There are some ways of pressuring the energy-use in living homes. One of them is by building the construction with eco-friendly materials, such as wooden, log, clay, red bricks, and others. Another way is by re-considering the use of cooling, heating, and hot water system. Good management of energy efficiency improvement helps us to save much energy and money.

Before remodeling the existing home or building a new one, it well be suggested to consider the most energy efficient home designs. Why? Besides they are money-effective, they are also durable and comfortable. Moreover, they are good for entirely lives because these home plans use renewable energy system providing huge electricity. That means we all do not require to grid systems.

Most energy efficient home designs apply natural energy sources, such as solar, water, and wind power to result the energy. The energy, then, is used to build up electric power. Such kind of electric power can be used to fulfill daily electricity needs. Solar energy is most often natural energy source used by energy-efficient-homes’ owners because it is claimed as the best and greatest natural source energy. Easy-use becomes the next reason why solar energy is the best choice. We just use the solar panels installed over the roofs. These solar panels will provide vast solar energy that then is transferred into electric power.

To cut the solar energy use in most energy efficient home designs, we can use it only at night (for empowering the lighting fixtures) and do off-the-grid at day. Just optimize the windows, skylights, and daylighting to replace the electric lamps. Large windows and a lot of air ventilators also help cooling the rooms without turning on the air conditioning.


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