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Unique Shaped Console Table With Black Leather Seating And A Pile Of Books A Small Glass Pot For Decorative Plant  Two Unique Chandeliers
Victorian Console Table With Beautiful Swan Oraments
Simple And Casual Console Table With Books A Fired Clay Pot Ornament With Fresh Plant Some Ancient Ceramic Decorations A Rattan Box For Books Storage
Console Table With Metal Legs And Glass Table Top Classic Frame For Pictures
Console Table In Rustic Style With Piles Of Papers A Unique Hanging Chandelier A Fish Ornament
A Long Console Table With Wood Top And Legs Like Tree’s Branches  A Chandelier With Black Metal Stand An Ornemant Item
Simple And Rustic Console Table With A Lot Of Decorative Items Two Rattan Boxes As The Storage Under Table
Modern Minimalist Console Table With Frameless Glass Table Top A Table Lamp An Opened Book A Large Decorative Mirror With Metal Decorative Frame Wood Planks Flooring Idea

Extra long console table is one of most flexible furniture kind in which it can be placed in any rooms. This most adaptable furniture is often discovered in mudroom or entry way area altogether with any mudroom furniture like daybed and credenza. A console table, either small or long one, has double purposes: as the decorative furniture and as real-functional furniture.

As decorative furniture, it gives distinctive appearance for the room where it is placed. The room will not look as vacant room, but there is something special there. This console looks more perfect after being added with the ornaments such as decorative vases in beautiful colors, vivid and fresh plant ornaments with their beautiful and artistic pots.

Lately, console tables are designed in modern or contemporary designs. That’s so different to most people’s view that a console table is so familiar as the classic one. A console table which is put in a corner of room gives a classic touch, most people say. Today, huge variants of console table designs offer different view for the people that a console table is not always classic furniture. There are many fresh console table products manufactured in newest designs.

To compare the most contemporary and classic one, here they are the designs of extra long console table. The furniture is previewed in different materials and decorative items. Perhaps these long console tables will be your inspiration when you’re looking for an extra console table for your room.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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