Extra Long Curtain Rods That are Ideal for Creating Exciting Home Décor

The length of the curtain is something that you need to determine once you want to install the curtain in your window. However, you can increase and reduce the length of the rods depending on your window size.

This time, we will show you some information about extra long curtain rods you may want to know about. Well, this kind of rod is able to give a particular impressive effect in your home decoration by its striking design. No wonder that many people feel fascinated to install it in their windows. Here are several home ideas using the long curtain rod that will grab your attention. Check these out!

Let’s see the living room with yellow and white patterned drapes on its glass door. This drape is installed in long curtain rods. It looks great and playful, right?

What about the green drapes displayed on its mesmerizing living room? It is a good idea to present fresh décor over the room.

Who love the orange item? If you do, it is really suggested for you to decorate the orange themed living room shown in the pictures. Aside from decorating the orange sofa, the owner also presents orange drapes which are installed on its extra long rods. It is so classy!

Furthermore, you can also install extra long curtain rods in your living room as a room separator or wall covering. As you can see in the picture, the purple curtain is installed as a wall covering. As the result, the family room looks more elegant and appealing.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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