Fabulous Accent Chairs You’ll Love to Furnish Your Dream Home

midcentury modern accent chair with floral prints vividly red floor lamp in modern style The Urban Interior

There are many ways to make any sitting areas look more stylish; one of them is by furnishing the space with the accent chair. You have so many options of accent chair designs and you can afford them via online or just shop directly in furniture showrooms near by. Here are ten best accent chairs I really recommend to you. May these ideas give you more references when starting your project. Let’s check them out.

Feel comfortable simply with this light wood accent chair. Designed in midcentury modern style, the chair looks so simple yet stylish. The pointed legs and the finest finish make the chair seems minimalist. Textural back rest also accentuates the chair, giving it a signature look.

Floral prints are now making a comeback and today I’ve shared this accent chair to inspire you who really love refreshing floral prints. Colored in black, the prints are obviously bold yet visually attractive, making a contrast against the white backdrop. Look at the floor lamp; it’s so stunning in red.

The bean bag is always upgrading any space. With vivid yellow color, this bean bag obviously makes a direct focal point in your small sitting area. Just add an accent throw pillow to style the chair.

With a little bit different model, this bean bag offers a bigger surface to sit on; even it can be used by a couple. Supported with velvet surface, the bean bag will always provide the coziest space to curl up. Place it at your favorite corner and be ready to have a new ‘nest’ for having fun days with your favorite books and Netflix series.

But if you want the smoothest and fluffiest-surface bean bag, maybe this one is the best option for you. Look at the surface, it’s like the white cotton candy and when it’s touched, it’s so fluffy and squishy. Make it a statement of your corner space and don’t forget to add something bold like an accent pillow to make it more stylish and cozier to sit on.

Egg chair with rattan frame can be next best choice due to its unique design. The deeper surface in the center, of course, is the best matter for chairs and it can offers the coziest space to relax while sitting on that chair. Tufted cushion also has a big contribution in creating ultra-comfort on chair; it makes a fluffy surface. Look at the rattan frame’s shape; it’s so artsy.

This bean bag is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It’s comfortable piece of seat you can add to your front porch where you can have fun time during summer with your lovely family. Supported with ergonomic shape and soft gray color, the bean bag visually can make a hit your outdoor space like terrace, porch, or even garden.

This armchair brings warmth and feminine vibe to this room, so inviting to anyone. Inspired by an ottoman furniture pieces, this chair is highlighted with handcarved wood legs and tufted cushions that can add much of comfort.

A floor seat can be a good option for a limited-space living room and it also offers a casual sitting area. It’s simple because it merely consists of a floor cushion accentuated with a lot of throw pillows. To make it playful in look, just complete the cushion with colorful throw pillows and blankets.

This simple armchair has been a perfect piece for creating a relaxing corner seat, one of most favorite spaces for kids to play. Physically, the chair has textured upholstery finish and solid wood legs. As the complementary item, a knitted pouffe also has been added.

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