Feel Flowery Anytime in Home just with These Inspiring & Stylish Floral-Prints Home Decor Ideas

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Floral prints on linens or clothings are now starting to expanse the home decorating industry. This idea definetely suits for those that love greenery or plant and struggle to ‘make’ it alive. There are a lot of options of products you can choose starting from hand-painted floral patterns to printed floral patterns. Both have the same value and style. The floral prints of course take a mass contribution to create the space feels lively natural.

The following page provides you some best ideas of floral prints applied on home’s linens. To make you immediately get impressed, just check them out and be ready to get inspired.

Hand-knitted floral patterns on table cover. This is so artistic and precious. This line product exposes beautiful art in simplest look.

Soft gray floral area rug – it’s lovely to use in airy and light interiors. White crisp pouf of course suits for such floor accent. The textured patterns make the users feel the different experience in every step.

The floral patterns are made in bolder, making it so stunning and obvious; an instant way to make your space overlooked.

Beautiful and elegant; two styles are in one piece: modern stripe and floral pattern. Yes, this throw pillow will make your space looks awesome. It can use as the accessory for any seat kinds like window seat and couch.

Floral loveseat – It feels like romantic, comfy, and practical. The rose prints are seemingly soft – making this piece furniture looks so elegant and luxurious.

Cozy & relaxed spot for reading. The reading chair isn’t only offering a comfy spot for having fun with your books, but also it’s displaying a vintage style exposed by its floral prints and slipcover.

For some people, bold colors are more interesting and playful. They will produce a beautiful and contrasted visual effect when combined with lighter color shades like white. The bedding with colorful flower prints of course will make your bedroom feels so alive.

Take and use the contrasted color schemes and apply them in such pop of yellow bedding product. The floral patterns with different color schemes are brilliant idea to make this bedding set looks beautiful. You can use other playful colors to make your bedroom lively interesting.

white bedding white and yellow pillows fury rug in light yellow x base bedside table in white yellow table lamp real like rose prints in yellow


This is a genius idea! You can pick the bold color, bright yellow for instance, as the wallpaper. Yellow here is refreshing as well as fun – making the space looks so alive and cheerful. Big rose prints on wall looks so real although they’re just the watercolor-style arts.

Just feel flowery feeling while in your bedroom simply with this beautiful rose wallpaper. Yes, the rose print is oversized but it could be your room statement, so don’t need to add something ornate or decorative to your bedroom. About the color, it’s recommended to use the same tone of color with the existing tone. Why? It’s important to make overall interior elements are cohesive.

This one is simpler yet elegant. The chosen color tone is in-between: feminine-masculine. The prints’ colors also fit the furniture set. A bit formal, I think.

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