Feel Fresher Simply with Green Accent in the Bathrooms

light green baseboard white walls claw foot bathtub in white x base side table Pinterest

As the private space, bathrooms should be designed based on the homeowner’s personal taste & preference. There are so many ideas how to design and to decorate the bathrooms into a fancy one, and you can start from the color. I choose green to accentuate the bathrooms, and the followings are the inspirations of master bathrooms with green accents probably you want to adopt.

Gold tiles and fixtures automatically make the green sage more luxurious. The colors are becoming a contrast in beautiful way. The bathroom visually elegant and classy, and of course it’s fresher with green sage addition.

Matte brown bathtub gives dark visualization to this bathroom, so do the draperies and bathroom vanity. I see that the green wall plays the role perfectly; it adds the natural touch through the shade. The houseplants also do the same role, making this space feels cozier.

With ultra-light green and pure white, this bathroom looks so clean and airy. Its wooden floors here give different texture and shade, also add contrast to the whole space that’s dominated by light color shades.

Green sage is the favorite and in this idea, the designer uses the lighter one, and look at the final result; the space feels so airy and fresh. The floors and the baseboards blend well in green sage.

This idea exposes a beautiful contrast simply created by pigmented green and whitewashed herringbone tile floors. It’s up to you to add some furniture pieces in any colors; the green wall here has been set as the nicest backdrop for any furniture and accessories.

So modern. The way of how the mirrors are installed is also amazingly creative. Each has been sets in opposite way but make both symmetrical. The green tiles also follow the rule of installation; this makes the walls unique and modern. Even the mirrors can potentially be the room statements due to their installation idea.

Give a little bit of natural nuance simply by involving the green shade (as the most dominant shade of nature) to your modern industrial bathroom. The ceramic tile floor with green floral motifs is the example. The tile will be your option to give vintage look as well.

A stunning industrial bathroom with green tile walls. I love the subway tiles; they’re classic yet stylish. The green shade here gives more pigmented look, creating a contrast over the whites obviously found in the floors and walls.

What a beautiful wall! Green terrazzo wall obviously gives more interesting finish to this bathroom’s wall. Its grains add the texture visually, effortlessly makes the wall so stated.

Consider using more than one shade to create more texture in visual like this bathroom idea. The homeowner chooses refreshing green and vintage tiles to enrich the texture of the bathroom. She also prefers using marble and natural wooden as the basic materials for the bathroom essentials.

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