Finest Wood Frame Couch

Wondering what best seating furniture for living room or other conversation rooms? Wood frame couch can probably be the best answer. Why? The couch is supported with sturdy, stable, and strong frame, so the couch will be lasting more years. There are two types of wood frame: manufactured wood and hardwood for frames. The hardwood is commonly dried before being constructed as the sofa/ couch frames. Such dried wood is called Kiln-dried hardwood.

Kiln-dried hardwood is considered as the finest material for couch or sofa frames. The material is also the best in durability. The hardwood has been through deep process. By drying the hardwood in kiln, the moisture is removed, preventing the wood bowing and warping. Moreover, the wood frames are supported with thick wood pieces which are secured with glue and dowels. Today, a lot of Kiln-dried wood frame couch products are produced in numerous designs and styles.

Manufactured wood frame couch is made of two types of wood. These two wood types are particleboard and plywood. Particleboard is also called composition board or fiberboard. Probably most people hardly distinguish both plywood and particleboard. Plywood is thin layers of lumber which are glued and pressed. The material is very sturdy and stable. That’s why this material is often used as the main composition of constructions and furniture.

Particleboard is the combination of fibers and wood chips which are secured with glue. Unlike Kiln-dried and plywood, particleboard is less stable and strong. It’s not surprising if this material doesn’t be used as the frame of couch or any furniture sets. To see in more details about plywood-framed couch and Kiln-dried wood frame couch, we have collected some for you. Just check them out in our gallery.


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