Creative Modern 3 Sided Gas Fireplace Design

Do you have fire place at your home? If you do not have one, and you are about to build such a fireplace, you have to build 3 sided gas fire place. This fire place is kind of modern fireplace which is built with special concept. This gas fire place is also more modern that the usual concept. How does it look like? Keep reading this article until the last line.

Kind of Modern Fireplace

One good sample of this 3 sided fireplace has adorable design which is made of concrete wall. This can be seen from the picture showed, this 3 sided gas fire place has glass design with nice fire. This fire place does not use wood to be burnt, but it uses gas as the fuel. You can build this 3 sided fire place using several accent body, for example you can build the body with white color accent, or you can choose the black accent.

This kind of modern fireplace is also adjustable. You can adjust the fire into blue fire or you can have the orange fire. The function of this fire place is just the same as the common fire place you mostly see. It is used to warm up the room, especially living room. In order to build this kind of fire place, it is a little bit difficult and perhaps it can be more expensive than usual. If you have a lot of money, you might be able to build one. You might also be careful because this fire place is using gas. Even though, this is kind of modern fire place, you still can build it in a classic house anyway. You just need to customize the design as you wish to have.


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