Typical Concept of Floating Media Console

You have some media like tv, so you must need to place it at the right place. Therefore, you should buy a media console for the media. In this case, you can use floating media console. Floating media console is kind of media console which is designed especially without legs concept. So, it does not touch the floor, it is glued on the wall. For more info, just keep reading and see the picture.

Floating media console can be made easily from wooden material. You can build it on the wall with simple design. You can see in the picture there is a floating media console with wooden frame and has brown and black color. Or you prefer a small floating media console with modern design. This small media console has big tv screen. You ma decorate the media room with some nice stuffs like guitar, carpet, and etc.

Most of media console is made of wood, because it is easy to be put and apply on the wall. It is just you have to choose your own color. For example, you can have floating media console with some drawer and storage concept. This media console can be for stuffs place like books, or can be as place for a decoration like flower. However, the main function of this media console is for the media place like DVD player, speaker, receiver, and etc. You can also build a floating media console with bookshelf concept. So, you just need to make additional space under the media console.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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