Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves – Complete Storage for Book Time

A man with hundreds books! nothing to do but to spend the whole time before page to pages imagining, feeling and maiming the plot of every novel, or it could be the science one. No matter it is in the personal library, or bedroom or even living room, it is always important to involve bookshelves to make all the book collection well organized! Below are some gorgeos floor to ceiling bookshelves idea that will color your interior better than before!

The very first interior comes with its super fresh outlook, green. Yeah, yeah with the green painted wall, it is just adorable to spend most of the time in it. In additon, the unique floor to ceiling bookshelves added beneath seems to contrast with its white lonely tone. Do you like to watch anything in white and green?

The next design is no longer an ordinary floor to ceiling bookshelves, but it mostly like a wall instead of storage because it covers all the siding applied in the living room. it appears classic hiding its dullness to comfort the occupant to stay comfortably inside the room!

Even a luxurious modern living room cannot be apart from what is called a bookshelf. Fortunately, it takes a set of modern bookshelve filling the space from floor to ceiling. It is truly white and tall as well, so it is just perfect to have the design one in the living room!

Meanwhile, a loft living room idea seems to be the most perfect idea bringing floor to ceiling bookshelves. It fits the wall with no flaw, and you can point to any book because the ladder is provided to reach the top!

Reference: www.houzz.com

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