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Wide Decorative Mirror With Vanity Lighting As The Frame A Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity In Black Color
Vacant Room With Full Length Frameless Mirror  A Crystal Pendant Lamp And Wood Floors And Also A Mini Kitchen Set
A Modern Minimalist Bedroom Design With Extra Wide Frameless Wall Mirror A King Bed Furniture A Pure White Fury Carpet An Extra Big Glass Window
Large Frameless Full Length Mirror For Bathroom A Modern Closet Aplliance Floating Minimalist Bathroom Vanity
Vertical Floor To Ceiling Mirror With Black Frame Two Decorative Vases A Settee Furniture In White A Picture Frame
Luxurious And So Cozy Private Bedroom With Large Frameless Mirror Reflecting A Queen Bed Furniture White Soft Fury Carpet And A Wood Reading Chair
An Alley With Wood Framed Full Length Mirror To Create Larger And Higher Sense
Frameless Wall Mirror For Bedroom A Cozy And Big Bed Furniture In Black Theme Black And White Stripes On Carpet Some Picture Frames
Giant Frameless Mirrors  In The Dining Room Light Cream Dining Chairs A Square Glass Surface Dining Table A Unique Warm Light And Elegant Pendant Lamp
A Basement With Extra Large Frameless Mirrors Hardwood Floors A Black Wood Pillar

Mirrors are not only useful for checking your physic look. With their shapes and frames, they can truly grasp your room decoration. Floor to ceiling mirrors, for instance, become the best choice to add something unique and different in your room. Why unique? Full length wall mirrors create a room looks bigger and brighter. Different types and styles of full length mirrors are easy to find in stores. They give you many choices for any rooms.

Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

In general, are divided into two types: framed-mirrors and frameless-mirrors. Both types are usually used in different purpose. Frameless-floor to ceiling mirrors is excellent as gym mirrors. Rather different to gym mirrors, framed-floor to ceiling mirrors are often used as a part of house’s interior. It’s great idea to put a giant mirror on living room or family room walls. It’s also handful to install some pieces of wall mirror in your bedroom or private bathroom. Such kind of mirror is perfectly applied in small or limited spaces. Why? It is because the mirror is able to reflect back all features and decorative items, so it creates a sense of larger to the room.

Floor to ceiling mirrors are often called decorative floor mirrors. Interestingly, these mirrors can give the illusion of wider walls and higher ceilings. You can put a decorative hang chandelier in your living room or family room. Another creative idea of redecorating the room by adding the giant wall mirrors is by adding a chic chandelier in a dining room to give you a fresh look and extended room effect.

To see more detail about this, here we are attaching some references of newest floor to ceiling mirrors designs in different size and styles. Wish that they will be your inspiring product to beautify your room.

reference: www.houzz.com

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