Fold Down Laundry Table – The Art of Installation and Minimalism

How does your laundry room look like? I think most people have the same thought that their laundry room is not the perfect one as many stuff included with no good organization plan. From washing machine, drying machine and the laundry table, thay all take place in the small room. Therefore, there is nothing but to minimize those all into such compact setting. To ease your plan, here we come with fold down laundry table that shows you the art of installation and minimalism!

A nice idea of fold down laundry table is inserted pretty well in the middle of very narrow laundry room. It seems like only 1 m in wide, but it is quite long to range the tools till the end of the room. In addition, it is a small black light laundry table that will be helpful managing the clothes. It really showcases unique installation in minimal space!

Another design offers you simple idea that nests just aside the washing machine and also above the clothes storage bin. It is not that luxurious design, but you cannot underestimate its function that fits your small laundry room perfectly. Wooden material is the best one to touch the room with natural look!

Further, a light and narrow white board sets itself as a laundry room in its stylish compact style. It must be a fold down table once you open the board, but it turn into a classic white framed glass cover once you set it onto the wall with recessed rack.

Then, the simplest laundry table is well displayed by the brown wall table that will never “eat” the space!


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