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How to make a framed chalkboard becomes the most questioned by some people who want to create a new creation style of framed chalkboard. To make a framed chalkboard, it is needed some supplies such as a picture frame, chalkboard paint (it could be a chalkboard spray paint), chalk, primer, and wire for hanging a framed chalkboard. And here the steps of how to make a framed chalkboard.

First, take a picture frame in big size. Choose the picture frame with backer board. If the picture frame does not have backer board, you can use a laminated plywood that can be used as the surface of your next framed chalkboard. Second, please use the screwdriver to lift up the metal screws as the holders of frame. After the frame’s artwork has been taken out, take the piece of backer board.

Third, this step is to paint the board and write down the messages on board. Before you write down the messages on board, spray little prime into the surface of board and dry it. Next, put the coat of chalkboard paints and let it dry. Add the second coat of chalkboard if needed. Then use the black paint as the cover of chalkboard body and white pain for writing the letters of messages. Write out the messages on your black chalkboard.

Fourth, before installing the glass cover, clean them up and install them into the back of frame. After placing the cover glass, please place the chalkboard after the glass cover. Last, readjust the screws on the frame back by using screwdriver. If you want to change the messages frequently, you may uninstall the glass cover. It sounds easy, right? Now, You can practice how to make a framed chalkboard.


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