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Luxurious Porcelain Bathtub Frameless Glass Door Shower  Big Frameless Decorative Mirror Marble Flooring And Walls
Pure White Square Sink  Large Frameless Bathroom Mirror Simple Mini Wood Shelves Unique Style Wood Flooring White Subway Tiles Walls For Shower Area Half Blurred Glass Shower Space Unique Small Wall Lighting
Beautiful Flower Ornaments Big Frameless Mirror With Metal Shelf  Unique Bathroom’s Basin Ornament Wall With Natural Black Stones Patterns Medium Size Glass Shower Room Large White Square Tub
Glass Shower Door Wood Vertical Cabinets Beautiful Shower Tiles  Round Ceiling Lighting Simple Modern Bathroom Design
White Minimalist Modern Bathroom Area Bug Single Shelf For Bathroom  Big Square White Porcelain Sink Modern  Toilet  Minimalist Glass Shower Area Modern Twin Wall Lighting Stylish Stainless Steel Faucet
Clear Glass Door For Shower Area Metal Frame Decorative Mirror  Beautiful Twin Traditional Wall Lightings Unique Vase Ornament Simple White Shelf With Basin And Faucet Yellow Towel Supplies
Beautiful Blue Bathroom Sink Simple Design Stainless Steel Faucet Frameless Mirror For Bathroom Full Glass Shower Zone Modern Shelving Units With Glass Platforms
Framed Big Glass Windows Glossy Wood Flooring Extra Large Wall Shelving Full Height Glass Shower Space Light Brown Subway Tiles Walls Dark Wood Countertop With White Porcelain Basin Faucet In Stainless Steel
Blurred Glass Shower Style Decorative Clay Made Vase Vivid Floral Wall Sticker Black Tiles Floor With Natural Patterns
Unique Shower Room With Glass Door Round Metal Frame Ornamental Mirror White Countertops With Small White Basin Faucet In Stainless Steel Two Color Patterns Flooring Vertical Metal Cabinets Metal Hangers

Deep tubs for small bathroom is the best option for you who are going to remodel your bathroom which has limited space. A small bathroom now can be remodel into comfortable one. By installing a deep tub, the bathroom will give you maximum comfort. There are some criterion of tubs which will fit in a small bathroom. The criterion are: The length of tub is no more than five feet, the tub is deep enough in order to the water will not slosh over the tub during it is used.

There are some selections of deep and small tubs that fit with small bathroom. A vintage freestanding tub, for instance, is shorter than regular tub now. It is around 48 inches long (4 feet long). It works perfectly for children and adult whom average height. Amazingly, this kind of tub can be installed with modern shower attachment. So, you have both: soaked tub and shower in your bathroom.

Japanese tub is one of other options of deep tubs for small bathroom. This soaking tub is very popular today. It is widely available everywhere now. This kind of soaking tub have a seat on it and deeper than conventional tubs. The depth of tub is around 27 inches. During soaking, the water reaches out your chin. That’s really deep, right? Furthermore, Japanese tub has 41 inches wide which suits with small bathroom.

The last option of small and deep tub for small bathroom is a corner tub. The design does not require long space like conventional bathtubs. The tub is built in five sides. The basins are oval, triangular, or rectangular in shape. The idea size of a corner tub is 4 feet to 5 feet, while the depth is around 21 to 26 inches. Well, which tub will you choose to complete your small bathroom? Corner, Japanese, or vintage freestanding tub? Whatever your choice, they are perfect options of deep tubs for small bathroom.


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