Freestanding Kitchen Sink Cabinet Ideas, Practical & Space-Saver Solutions to Your Kitchen

traditional freestanding kitchen sink cabinet with light wood countertop white farmhouse sink white cabinets stainless steel faucet HomeDesignLover

Freestanding kitchen sink cabinet is one of kitchen properties that work effectively with small kitchens. It also fits any kitchen designs. Different with most corner kitchen sinks, this kind of kitchen sink comes in large variety. And the wooden cabinet becomes the most famous stand for it. But for more modern look, this freestanding kitchen sink cabinet is usually designed with stainless steel as the main material.

Well, here I have collected ten ideas of freestanding kitchen sink cabinets. Probably these ideas will inspire you, especially you who’re searching for the best one for your kitchen. Let’s check them out.

The designer uses natural material, wooden, for a simple freestanding kitchen sink cabinet. The design is conventional but in some parts, we’ve found modern accents like on the handles. The sink, please take a look, really presents a traditional value.

If you have a tiny kitchen but wanna have an extra prep table as well as washing space, this freestanding kitchen sink cabinet probably be the best option. The design is so minimalist and clean look. It obviously exposes contemporary style. Its medium-toned wood finish looks so cohesive with the floors.

Probably this is called a mini kitchen, but actually this is a freestanding kitchen sink cabinet that’s available for all kinds of active uses. The cabinets’ doors are painted in pastels, giving a cheerful as well as a soft look. The flat-panel and buttons here also offer a bit modern touch. The light wood wall panels with narrow glass window suits this sink cabinet.

traditional freestanding kitchen sink cabinet with white farmhouse sink and high gloss black countertop wall mounted upper cabinet with glass door

The Freestanding Kitchen

High gloss countertop is used in this freestanding kitchen sink cabinet since it’s easy to clean up. The farmhouse sink becomes the best alternative for accommodating more loads of dirty dishware or cookware. It’s gonna be more practical with the cabinets where we can directly keep and organize all dishware/ cookware right after being cleaned there.

It’s so modern! It’s worth to be owned. Its clean-line look really represents high modern furnishing; one of best recommendation for modern kitchens.

outdoor freestanding kitchen sink with open shelf undermount wooden sink stainless steel faucet recessed stove

lgtek outdoor

This is another modern freestanding kitchen sink cabinet idea but with different details of features. There is not merely a sink and a faucet added to this furniture, but also a stove for cooking need. The open shelf below is available for exposed storage space. I think this kitchen furniture fits the outdoor kitchen.

contemporary wooden freestanding kitchen sink design with under open shelf gloss white countertop deeper farmhouse sink and planted stove

lgtek outdoor

Red wood is selected as the primary material and ceramic coats the whole parts of countertop. I obviously see the clean line and simply contemporary look in design, but when I observe the sink, it looks like a deeper farmhouse sink. Then, I can conclude that probably the designer wants to reveal that it’s not a fail to insert a bit traditional touch into a real contemporary kitchen furnishing. Cool!

Victorian furnishings are always good for classic style. White cabinets with wooden countertop are best combination. They naturally warm up the space.

Yes, play the color. It’s an instant way to stand out your simple and old freestanding kitchen sink cabinet. Pick your favorite color and apply it for your kitchen sink. It’s absolutely effective.

A traditional freestanding kitchen sink cabinet with modern appeal. Red countertop here contrasts with the double sinks, creating the richness of color, and the dark wood finish on cabinets here still be the charming element due to its natural look. The cabinets’ handles are the real representation of modernity well implemented in this traditional kitchen furniture. Well done!

Light and soft – it’s well described on this freestanding kitchen sink cabinet. Light wood countertop and little bit light wood accent under the sink are really lovely. Simple but bring huge effect on the entire space.

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