French Country Design; Let’s Get To Know More about The Design

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French country can fly you away to the heart of Provence. Whereever you are, in the middle of Los Angeles, New York, or somewhere nearest California, when you’re in a classic French room, you feel like somewhere in the city of Provence. Just with the effortless design and keeps following the main formula, you’ll get what a perfect French country design. Then, what else you need to do for getting such a lovely French country? You’ll know soon just keep accessing this page.

It’s commonly known that a French country design is mostly inspired by recent French countryside, particularly Provence. It needs to know that the real French decor is elegant and ornate all over the space, but Provence seems a bit relaxed, subdued, and distressed. The key is a humble elegance that could bring the elements of nature like neutral colors, whitewashed finishes, and weathered woods.

French country likes to blend rustic and something elegant. It’s proved when you’re visiting Paris where you’ll find so many castles. Look at the molding, gliding, and panelling; they’re so luxurious; they’re a bit rustic.

Classic French design closely relates to country and rustic aesthetic. Both create a perfect balance, comfort, and beauty. They’re also inviting but impaccable. More interestingly, the design deals with botanical theme often displayed on  wallpapers, textiles, accessories, and arts.

Since connecting to rustic, a country French highly use the natural materials especially woods and stones. They are used for all space parts such as exposed wood beams, wood-board floors, stoned floors, and stone-fireplaces – effectively adding a weathered look.

About the tone, country French offers warmth. Just through some color palettes, especially neutrals and other earthy ones, they really add the character.

What about the other colors? Some poppy colors, for example? It’s fair that there is a room to get these colors into design, but the core colors must be those with warm shades. This actually assists to create a warm and inviting look.

Dark colors like gray and black also have the place but minimally used. They’re just the contrast maker – definitely breaking up or even adding a bolder shade.

Furniture have the curves. Just forget the simple, clean-lined, and modern pieces of furniture if you want the design exists in your house. All French country’s furniture sets are full of curves and the curves here bring a cozy feel to the space.

But the furniture here differs from the rustic. Each piece of French country furniture is made for comfort and thank to upholsteries that provide cozy surfaces and aesthetic look instead of just a wooden piece of furniture.

Louis armchair seems like an icon of French country. It’s striking only with wood construction supported with plush cushion and whitewashed finish.

Patterns will add character and textural color. Toile is the most common pattern used in French country style, but many designers also often use other pattern kinds including stripes, checks, and plaids. Florals are also favorite; lavender, olives, roosters, and sunflowers are just the few options you can take for your new French country design.

French country isn’t same as farmhouse. Both are about natural materials, antiques, woods, airy & light look, but they are actually different. French country tends to be soft, feminine, airy, and elegant, but farmhouse refers to clean look, lines, and casual style.

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