Decorating Your Home With French Country Interior Style

French country interior style is becoming more and more popular because of its i simple, chic, and traditional characteristics. Moreover, French country interior can have extraordinary look when it is combined with modern element so that you don’t need to worry if you don’t want to display full classic theme to your home interior. There are several traits of French country style you should know since it is essential to understand them in order to achieve the perfect result.

French country style usually has certain curve which make the interior of your home will look different . Therefore, French country interior style usually accentuate arched furniture in the door, chairs and entrance way. Even though curve become the main point, but still, softness dominating the interior especially the neutral backdrop such as soft cream on the walling idea. You can also install unique pattern of wallpaper to give the sense of artistic scene. For more dramatic atmosphere, the placement of crystal chandelier will give an amazing result. Moreover, the chandelier can be the main attraction to your room because it can display formal setting which is perfectly elegant especially to your main living room.

To accentuate your French country interior, you can combine your main room with old style furniture. This type of furniture will help you to achieve timeless look because of its weathered trait. Distressed furniture will be best matched with your dining room and make sure to add a vase flowers to make it more captivating.


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