Adorable Fresh Green Countertop Design

One of the most favorite kitchen design is green counter top design. This design is very fresh and natural. If you never think to have such a green counter top design for your kitchen, perhaps this is the time for you to make change of your kitchen decoration color. in this case, the writer would like to show you some nice creative fresh green countertop design for modern homes. This samples will become your inspiration anyway.

Fresh green countertop can be applied on the kitchen table design. You may usually use the granite concept, never mind you can also use the granite with green nuance. You can see in the picture there is a green countertop with plain green. This also perfect when you combine it with wall green coloring as well. thus, this green countertop use granite material with some abstract pattern decoration.

The other concept can also be applied for dining table surface. You can see in the picture there is a small round table with nice glassy green countertop design. this glassy clear countertop with green color is so perfect to be applied in the kitchen furniture. You can use some green coloring like green leave or young green. These both are perfect for kitchen design countertop. Perhaps, you also prefer to apply the green color to other concept such as wall colorng and cabinet coloring. This amazing green color will be matched each other. The nuance you get is fresh natural nuance.

What about the furniture completeness? For this matter, you can put some wooden furniture such as chairs and the ceiling. It will be very great and matched with the green countertop design. For the pattern, you may use abstract patter or plain patter. This both depends on your desire.

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