Fresh Home Design with Cool and Fresh Indoor Plants

How to make a house cool and fresh? Yeah, painting is sometimes influential to share the nuance of fresh interior. For instance, applying green paint on the wall will make the hall like garden exhibition. Further, creating small courtyard with some plants will be helpful not only for outlook, but it is also the second source of fresh air to breath in the interior with full siding. Then, if you want the simpler idea to deal with your plan, you have to choose several awesome indoor plants to make your interior even more livable!

Not only the flowers or even the leaves which are colorful, but bringing over some colorful pots indoor become such stunning idea to do. It adds the nuance with beautiful accent together with the plants planted on them. Pink and yellow pots are the most soft and appealing design that you must know!

The next idea is tall, big, and concrete pot with bigger green plants fighting the hot sunshine at the daylight. Yeah, the tone of the leave of the plant and the gray tone of the pot are perfect with contrast tone!

A small white rectangle pot on the table is cute to fresh the dining set, end table and even the coffee table in the living room. there is no flaw that you can see in the design with unique green white tone combination planted.

A large bowl in white color becomes the next stunning idea to make your indoor garden decoration perfect. With white sand and other stuff from the ocean, it is a miniature of beach in your house!


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