Front Door List Needs to Consider for Home

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Front door is the crucial part of home exterior and it’s made in huge variants of designs, finishings, and detailed features. Maybe you ever heard about the French, Dutch, or paneled front doors, and this is all about the style you’re going to take for your home. The options are endless but there are still many things to consider when you want to pick out the front door. Through this page, we would like to share info about ten most inspiring & stylish front doors to you. Wish that the list is preciously useful for you.

Paneled front door looks most familiar and it’s commonly used in housing. The frame of door is made of hardwood and paneled with any wood kinds such as plywood, hardwood, and even ordinary wood. Just few of panels are made of glass or metal.

The Dutch front door is typically different. The door panel is divided into two sections: top & bottom, and the top one can be opened when needed. This kind of door is often used for kitchen or front door with pet-access feature.

Glass front door commonly uses wood frame; yes, it’s less privacy but allows you to look around. Pick this door design for accessing as well as exploring your front yard easily. Use this one if you love plenty amount of natural light goes to your room.

The simplest door kind you’ll ever have. The door consists of the wooden panel supported with three sections of horizontal ledges: bottom, middle, and top. The door can also be framed and braced to give a rigid and aesthetic appeal.

The easiest-make door type: wood front door. It comes in so many design options – commonly used in any spots of house.

With clean line and minimalist look, this hinged wood front door meets your highest personal style. The hinges installed in vertical-end of wood panel make the door can swing in and out of the room.

Sliding front door apparently suits for all spots that need a large-opening access such as patio, back yard, etc. It could be glass or wood panel – depending on what you need. For more privacy, wood panel is the most recommended option, but if you’re more interested in a semi-open concept, glass panel is perfect one.

Like this sliding glass panel, you can keep visually accessing the space behind it. Its classic floral patterns give grand aesthetic appeal as well as the statement in this door panel.

Double door panels become the most recognizable things in most French doors, and those are the statement makers. Each panel could be opened in either side – allowing us to always get nice views and natural light anytime we want.

If you’re looking for a durable and low-maintenance door kind, the fiberglass door is the right choice. We all know that fiberglass is durable and dents-proof. Just frame it with the wood panel to make it look more natural. With wood panel, you can finish it with well-chosen stain or paint.

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