Get The Function of Interior Design

Talk about interior design, then we will talk about how to create a comfortable home atmosphere, fun, and soothing so that all occupants can feel comfortable to linger to spend time together in the house. Well, there are three main principles that we must consider if we want to bring home a cozy atmosphere with an interior that is applied to the consideration of the function, pay attention to moods, and pay attention to the personality of the owner.

If we managed to bring these three principles perfectly on a building or home, then we will succeed bring decorations that will certainly enhance the overall look of the house. Searching through multiple sources will be the best way for us to bring the designs to suit desired. For that, try doing a search through magazines, books, or internet and get inspiration from a series of design ideas that we find.

Function – the decor is applied to a room not only serves as a way to make the room look attractive, but should be able to give us a look that is also comfortable and enjoyable. To that end, make sure we pay attention to some of the following interior design elements to achieve our desired goals.

(1) Make sure we choose the focal point of a room according to the function of each room in order to present a better view; (2) Make sure we specify the design and style of furniture that is able to fulfill the function of a room. Note the size of the furniture with the size of the room to get a beautiful harmony between the two; (3) Make sure we choose to get the lighting in accordance with the function of a room and also can improve the look of the room; (4) Prior to setting the furniture, make sure we draw on a piece of paper sketch of the room complete with the size and dimensions of the room.

Mark electrical outlets, vents, to the location of windows and doors. Get furniture with the right size, and plan the layout of furniture with attention to the look we want and balance in the room.Mood – we can choose to get the colors, styles, textures and patterns that will apply on a room by considering the mood. It will be a fun job to do where we choose a theme according to what we want.

For that, make sure we keep the color that is applied as a background interior design of a room is the same. In addition, make sure the pattern also share the same color and make sure we vary the scale and pattern of taking into account the size of the room. As for personality, we can incorporate a number of decorative items that can support the theme but has a personal touch.

Unleash the power of our imagination to create a variety of decorations that can improve the look of the room and do not be afraid to try a variety of items that are not commonly used in order to present the appearance of a unique and interesting.


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