Get A Simple & Decluttering Look with These Inspiring Minimalist Decor Ideas for Homes

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Creating a simple and minimalist home actually can be done by decluttering and taking off the unused furniture and accessories in interiors of home. This is so effective to make the spaces ‘clean’, giving you an opportunity to implement your dream minimalist style quickly. Well, to make you helpful in looking for more ideas of minimalist decor for your home, here I’ve shared the best minimalist home ideas you can adopt right after reading this page. Hopefully you’ll get inspired.

Get minimalist yet stunning with this decor idea. Here, we just find wooden as the basic material. It dominates the space. Wooden keeps the space naturally warm and homey, and white here is very helpful to create the space clean look and contrasting against the wood color. Beautiful.

Super-minimalist and bright. The bathroom is designed as minimalist setting and the designer uses soft fabrics and wood to give a sense of homey and inviting. The silver wood featuring wall mural completely adds the depth and texture in this space. The collaboration also creates a soothing ambiance.

This is another mural idea you can pick as your next bathroom remodel project. Unlike the previous idea, this mural is visually rough, sensing more textured when touched. It looks perfect when we feature it with super-light wood planks.

pop of yellow chair in midcentury modern style wall mounted working table light wood bench seat white bed linens gray floors white walls


Sometimes, minimalist seems boring if there is no attractive thing to add, but by simply adding something bold and poppy, the space could be instantly more vivid than previous look. This shining yellow chair, for instance, in just seconds, makes the space alive visually.

Having minimal furniture is one of the most instant ways to get a minimalist home decor idea and you can implement the idea to your bedroom. Just complete the space with the bedroom essentials you need the most. Simply furnish the space with a wooden stool as the side table, minimalist wooden bed frame, and wall-mounted concrete bench as the multifunctional bench sound perfect for this.

Furniture choice is also important to support your dream home decor idea. This compact sofa, for instance, meets what you need to create a minimalist decor idea. Framed in solid wood finish and supported with comfy upholstery, this sofa offers ultra-comfort to everyone uses it.

cool and minimalist bathroom white tiled walls and floors recessed shelving unit light wood stool


Cool, minimalist, and harmonious. The bathroom tends to be light and bright supported by light-tone facade and furniture. The light wood stool here visually contributes in creating the warm and natural look.

Topanga shower curtain is one of Urban Outfitters’ new arrivals you must try out. It’s made from soft cotton garnished with the tassel fringes at the bottom and top. The color is amazing, giving a new look and style to your minimalist bathroom.

It’s clever to insert a bed canopy in your minimalist bedroom. Canopy here gives a unique feature to your bedroom and you can use organic material like wood as the canopy’s basic material. Make it fancy by adding some lines of string lamps installed between the wood panels on top. Overall, this accent lighting is helpful to give a romantic nuance.

So minimalist. This hallway doesn’t need many items. It just contains some essentials like a bench seat and some accessories, making the space is too clean and simple.

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