Get Lighter and Airier Feel with These Greatest Mute Color Palette Decor Ideas

yellowish splash of color on wall minimalist furniture set white potted houseplants Pinterest

Home decorating ideas with muted color palettes mean you prefer light and neutral color palettes applied in the most interior parts including furnishing pieces, facade, and accessories. With a good balance, muted color elements – which commonly consist of pale wood colors/ timbers, pastels, and gentle textural colors – can create a new decor look that’s as beautiful as the experts’ masterpieces. These color tones may make interior looks so modern, warm, neutral, cohessively calm, stylish & artful, shiny, and even contrast.

To give more inspirations about this, we’ve shared ten greatest ideas of interior decorating with muted color palettes as the main highlight today. Just start to scroll down the page, and let’s get inspired.

All tones of color here definitely create cozy-feel and atmosphere for deep napping. Soft but a little bit ‘rocky’ with bold patterns and textures well-applied in pillowcase and comforter. Pale wood element also gives huge contribution in adding light & airy look as presented by other interior items.

Woven pieces like the rug, decorative bag, and lampshade are those we want to spotlight. They add the texture commonly we hardly find in most mute color palette decorating ideas. These pieces look more obvious due to plainly crisp-white interior. Cool idea!

corner seating area light gray corner chair in midcentury modern style wood leg white pot with houseplant furry rug


Add something bold and obvious as the room statement. This furry throw pillow, for example, isn’t only giving unique texture, but also making the space more alive with the color. It feels like the designer loves something contrasted.

You may take the splash of color as the focal point. The yellowish splash on wall gives slightly difference of tone on this wall – providing a unique background for all interior items including the furniture set and vivid houseplants.

Highlight the vibrant pieces of wall arts like these abstract paintings. They easily bring beautifully bold tones in this light-neutral space – visually being the effortless-direct interest in room.

Terracotta-colored wall obviously creates the accent color – making the space warmer in look. By contrast, lighter wood board floors brighten up the space – clearly making the brass touch (the brass-finish chair) looks more obviously elegant. This is evidence that earthy matte-neutral colors have big contribution in muted interior creation.

Still be muted event hough with softer terracotta color palette. This color palette is actually combined with pink to create such lovely matte color effect; and white crisp is perfect pair to produce a beautifully contrast. The striped runner, of course, offers another visual interest.

Green pastel mirrors a spring feel that has the same color hue with the greens – offering naturally freshness of color itself. The hall console, additionally, has contrasted white plasters – giving another color accent to this flawless spot.

Pale timbers here add the character officially exposing the nature appliance among this modern-minimalist setting.

Show up the details having the main role in mute interior creation like this handmade knitted-runner. This is a masterpiece especially when we settle it in right spot. Pale gray still be the favorite for a chic & muted interior look.

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