Get Ultimate Shower Treat with These Spa-Like Bathroom Designs

minimalist bathroom huge bathtub in white wood floors modern pattern rug decorative bamboo stool glass windows with semi transparent shades House Beautiful

All people need a stunning spot to escape from tiring day or to make a space more stylish, and the bathroom can be a targeted space to meet this need. In this opportunity, we’re going to help you renovating those spots that maybe too outdated and dark into the spa-like ones you’ll totally adore. Here are ten ideas of bathroom renovations you can start adopting to your current bathrooms.

Sunny bathroom is so dreamy. It looks like a spa that offers huge comfort, relaxation, and style. The space is designed as bright one with neutral color shades and plenty of natural light. You can also add a private balcony nearest this bathroom.

Precisely symmetrical layout, especially the bathroom vanity and its wall mirror. Another point plus of this bathroom is the flawless earthy tone applied well in this bathroom. You can find those tones here easily like the warm wood color, cool gray on the cabinets, and black hardware. The vividly green leaves seem never forgotten in such a comfy bathroom.

An ultimate country-style bathroom with navy blue accent and pretty tile floors. Bright vs bold represented by white and navy blue here means a beautiful contrast exposing the competition of color without dominating each other. What a good balance!

Again, spa-like bathroom for cozy feel and stylish look. This one is fully dominated by reclaimed wood providing warm and natural touch. Marble countertop here means modern addition, so you can see modern and clean line design of bathroom with rich natural touch.

A forest-feel bathroom idea with shiplap accent walls. It’s like a rustic bathroom that exposes more wood element as you’ve found on mirror’s frame, accent walls, and floors; but the shower curtain here is so overlooked as the farmhouse piece. Gorgeous!

A large-space bathroom with minimalist-style decor. This allows you having extra space for such a pretty huge bathtub. Brilliant!

Add some timeless pieces to your modern bathroom. This is a great idea to give uniqueness to your bathroom. It’s gonna be cool if you replace your ordinary mirror and bathroom vanity with such antique mirror and table-like vanity.

Overload wood use in a bathroom probably can create a sense of showering inside a tree house. You may feel this if the bathroom is finished with fully textured wood like this one.

Get ultimate look with buffalo check wallpaper and girly pastel shower curtains. Brass hardware always fits as the best pairing for such a pretty-space bathroom.

Midcentury modern accents featuring industrial vibes – this would be the superb one since it showcases the distinct values of each style.

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