Simple Lovely Getaway Altes Hopiz Hotel

Switzerland presents various attractive tourism spots connected to the old history, including one of the most famous Swiss hotels, Altes Hopiz. Located in St. Gotthard Pass that link Germany and Italy, Altes Hopiz is actually a hospice dated back to eighth centuries. It turns out to be simple yet comfortable hotel since 2010 by Miller & Maranta, Swiss architects. Adding the antique value of the hotel, an old chapel is also established next to it. The bell tower of the chapel can be seen clearly if you take a walk near the lake.

Miller & Maranta do a great job by giving cozy interior to the historical hotel, but still hold the basic antiquity architecture. The building remains the same as the old time, but the architects give additional wooden room and gray roof. The hotel then has unique design because of its asymmetrical upper part. All the sides of the hotel have asymmetrical roof except one side that has sans roof.

Now let’s go inside the hotel. When you enter the hotel, you will see concrete flooring that is suitable with the archaic concept and some windows that look smaller if you see them from the outside. Then you will meet a staircase that leads you to the center of this building. The halfway has few furniture and stone floor that emphasize the simplicity. Once you get upstairs, wooden interior dominates the overall structure. Two big bedrooms are available at the upstairs and a duplex is in the downstairs. The furniture selection and arrangement gives warm and comfortable feel for the visitors. Both bedrooms have a small window at the center of the room. However, since one room is larger than the other, two beds are offered while the smaller room only has one bed with a dresser.


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