Glam Up Your Home with These Amazing Light Fixtures

amazingly colorful pendants made of crystal like glass material Pinterest

Selecting the light fixtures for home is actually fun but challenging. The chosen ones must fit each room and should produce the best lighting that can illuminate the rooms perfectly. With lots of light fixture types, we have to be selective what type of light fixture that’s recommended for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Make sure that each can glow with full of richness, warmth, and depth. So, whether you’re searching for sconces or pendant light fixtures, here I’m sharing ten coolest light fixtures from different types. Have a look.

Add a rustic touch with this cool pendant light. The design showcases an Edison bulb as the source of lighting and it’s supported with a rustic wooden barn Pulley lamp plus rope. The overall look is authentic and really brings a direct rustic vibe to any spots.

What a modern design! A copper floor lamp that visually ‘hits’ your room. The design that’s so simple yet elegant fits all modern home décor ideas. It can also support you who need a minimalist light source for your room.

These lighting fixtures make refreshment to any home decorating ideas. They look like some magic sticks with sparkling point at the end. Overall, the design is very simple and minimalist, recommended for such an elegant dining space.

Pendant wood beam, an alternative for getting a modern industrial touch in instant way. This is a handmade one; it’s just made from a forgotten wood strip then the designer transforms it into such a creative light fixture for lighting up his work desk.

An ultra-modern light fixture for dining space. Look at the design, it’s simple but fancy. It’s like a couple of shining rings supported with super-slim metal wire. The light fixture can produce a minimalist light effect and it glows perfectly when in the dark.

What a gorgeous! A couple of teardrop pendants with pastel shades. Such kind of light fixture definitely will make your workspace more stylish and inviting. The shades visually can give calming effect; also can state your room.

Are you looking for a minimalist and stylish light fixture for your dining space? Maybe this pendant can be your perfect option. The design is really simple and minimalist. Its medium size seems perfect for such a big dining space.

Get stylish look simply with these sconces on the walls. I personally love the matte black lampshades; they’re so elegant and add masculine vibe to this bathroom. The brass accents also match with the existing brass frame on the wall mirror.

These pendants seem like a series of colorful UFO. The design unique because it exposes a UFO-like shape that’s actually the lightweight 3D structures beautified with geometrical patterns. The designer uses the fiber as the basic material. So creative.

Very colorful. Replace the old light fixtures with these ones, a series of colorful glass pendants. The color shades of course make the space fresher and inviting. The resulted light effect is also amazing; it’s sparkling and warming, and even these light fixtures are potentially designed as the room statements.

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