Glass Barn Doors for Closet: A Newest Style of Bathroom Interior

Barn doors for closet perhaps sound strange. Barn doors are commonly used as other room’s doorway such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, or barn home. Barn doors for closet/ bathroom now begin popular. Many homeowners are interested in changing their common bathroom door into this one. Uniqueness becomes the main reason why now this door style is mostly chosen by the homeowners. To combine the modern accent to your barn-style door, there is a new idea of barn door designing. It is sliding glass barn door for bathroom. Glass barn door offers no-fully rustic style in your bathroom. You can still add something stylish and attractive at your barn door.

Glass barn doors have special characteristics such as sturdy and heavy like conventional barn doors. Glass barn doors are full of deep details. They allow the natural light to pass through the space. How about the cost? Is it expensive? Nope, it is cheaper than the truly barn doors. A 5 mm thick glass barn door is safe and high in quality. There two options of sliding glass barn doors: laminated glass barn door (7 mm thick) and non-laminated glass barn doors.

Sliding glass barn door is only one option for you who want to give different aesthetic touch to your bathroom. If you prefer conventional barn door to glass barn door, there are vast ranges of conventional wood barn doors for closet. Most of them are designed in rustic style. So, it will be perfect for you who love rustic home style. To enrich the knowledge about barn doors, here they are the images of barn doors for closet.


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