How to Have Easy and Tidy Office with Glass Whiteboard Ikea with Style

Most people have the same problem to have busy and crowded office design. Added with traditional board that makes you even lazy to write on. Here, Giselle comes with various stylish glass board that will insert your office with fashion. What about having a glass whiteboard ikea in your office? I think you need it to advance your job! Are you ready to take a look on the designs?

The first glass whiteboard ikea design comes in rectangle shape. It looks slim with narrow style, but the function is not as small as the design, I guess. It is suitable to be installed on white wall in your office.

Another stylish glass whiteboard from ikea is the one which is stacked on fresh green wall office. It looks nice with some pins that look like decoration. It advances your meeting session with spirit that will never end just like nature!

A glass whiteboard ikea with storage is the next awesome design that you must know. It is stunning to color brown painted wall in your office interior. The contrast tone makes gorgeous effect to boost your mood with large glass window flashing the gloomy!

A movable glass whiteboard ikea is a unique and sophisticated design you must have. It eases everyone to move from one place to aother one. With two wheels added on the stainless steel frame, you don’t need to bring on your hand, but pushing it is the best way!

Appearing in a simple design, a frameless glass whiteboard ikea can be your favorite design that offers simplicity with style!


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