Go Fresher with These Green Shades for Interiors

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Bold green apparently makes the space wilder. This will happen if you choose the wrong green shade for your rooms. To avoid terrifying and sickly green, just pick some green shades wisely. It’s also important to figure out the strategy of how to combine your green with other color shades. Here we want to share some green finish ideas for you; hopefully our recommendations would be best alternatives as well as inspiring solutions for your next home remodeling projects. Let’s start to scroll down the page and be ready to get inspired.

Go modern with your green. Kitchen, for instance, would be one of best spaces for applying your green and it’s a proof that green can work well in such a space. Make sure that you’ve selected the right color shade to combine. White is just the example; it can add obvious contrast as well as light & airy look in your kitchen.

Jewel-like green color – The shade makes the space like an oasis of Caribbean and its pairing color, white, has brought clean line and bright visual effect to this space. Another point is about the plants and wood elements in this room. Nature has been taken just through these two elements – giving fresh as well as warm feel to the room.

Get textural color just with this green forest shade for your private room like bedroom. Feature it with classy gold tone for huge elegance. It’s okay to add something warm and cozy like wood dresser and bedding treatment.

With this leavy wallpaper, you will feel like in a treehouse. What a fun! It’s free to combine this vividly green shade with other color shades, but it’s recommended to pair it with neutrals for warmer and more natural look.

Layers of green – this would be a great idea for a transitional space like kitchen-dining area. It surprisingly works well with tiled backsplash. Use lighter green for another element but just give a little.

Highlight your green wall with a complementary artwork like this forest painting. The green-yellow artwork pops up this mellow green wall- making both contrast each other. Another textural color accent is also added through this bold-pattern comforter fabricated in Indonesia.

Try in rustic. Cabins dominated by hard and textured woods and stones give a distinct character of rustic but you can re-paint some parts of it with natural green for ‘softer’ feel. Green bunk’s curtains in this picture also assist the existed green to keep being obvious without dominating other color shades.

Green – stripes – wallpaper – you can put these elements together and you won’t sorry to get that. Make this wallpaper a direct statement in your tiny room like bathroom. Tiny-slanted bathroom sounds the most perfect spot for this wallpaper. Just install it horizontally to create a wider visual effect.

Cool but soft green in buffet really fits the potted flowers, crystal desk lamp, and expensive wine collections, and this green has been repeated for the wallpaper outside this space.

Lime green – lighter shade that can bring modern touch in this bathroom. Stripes here create visual texture and accent – making you to not need to add another decorative item.

Green and blue? Both feel modern and fresh – bringing the nature’s inheritance like fresh ocean through blue and deep forest through green.

Let thing bold and charming like this Kelly green wall. The color shade offers stylish and homey hallway – adding a vivid color accent to this space. The space looks classy after brass-base console table completes this space.

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