Grab The Best Views from Home Within just With These Inspiring Belvedere Ideas

contemporary belvederes with super large glass window without frame Pinterest

Most of people love having particular space to enjoy nice views but due to limited space of home, few of them decide to skip it. Related to this, there is an architectural structure used to maximize your view potential. It’s called belvedere.

Belvedere is originally derived from belvidere (Italian) meaning a beautiful view, and this is the actual purpose of this structure. Uniquely, this structure comes in different shapes and they are divided into four types: those in upper area of building (like cupola, turret, and open gallery) stand-alone belvederes, opposite against the building, and integrated belvederes.

half circle belvederes design half circle bench seat with under storage solution blue throw pillows dark wood floors


With such modern-minimalist belvedere, you can forecast a beautiful view of ocean outside your home. The space can also be a charming statement of room. Half-circle bench seat can accommodate a big party of people. Add colored throw pillows as the accents as well as the comfort makers.

Really effective and efficient. The space is designed as multi-purpose room where you can make it as a home library and living room as well. An oversized glass window here has a role as a belveldere to optimize the view potential. Its base is supported with the wood bench specially designed for simple bookshelves – making you easier to grab your favorite books. Some throw pillows are also provided for more comfort.

Just imagine you’re having your morning coffee in such a lovely spot. Super-large glass window can be best way to deliver your morning hobby. Such large belvedere, of course, will give you the access to wander out your eyes to feel the morning breeze and to enjoy misty mornings. Marvelous!

super large belvederes with clear glass paneling concrete bathtub herringbone wood floors dramatic pendants


Integrated belvedere idea in ultra-modern bathroom. Actually, minimalist pieces are intentionally set up for exposing more a monstrous beauty of nature outside.

A romantic yet modern bedroom plus a glass-paneled belvedere nearest the bed. Stoned wall here definitely complements the existing natural element (wood) in authentic way. Both stone and wood also bring character to this room.

We can say that this spot effectively helps seizing your happy days. Mini belvedere could be the perfect spot for enjoying the fresh breezes in every single morning. Complete this favorite spot with a simple night-lamp plus a little potted greenery as the ‘sweeteners’.

Can we call this window seat a belvedere? Of course yes because they have similar purpose, a space for viewing a lot of beautiful insights. This window seat is supported with a L-shaped bench seat complete with the upholstery.

If you want to feel the real chilling breeze or the warmth of morning sunlight, this window seat is recommended to you. The windows can be opened when needed, and there are some comfort makers you can use for more comfort.

What a lovely spot! The nicest spot for family gatherings, especially in Christmas. All pieces (linens, furnishings, and even wood floors) bring much warmth to the space. The belvedere exactly presents another view outside the house where chilling air and misty woods are discovered – as if displaying a dramatic yet beautifully wild view out there. Sweet!

perfect living room with belvederes behind gray sofa with throw pillows wood top coffee table with black iron base wood like area rug white draperies


All-out and perfect spot for welcoming your guests. Here, visiting guests will be impressed with this perfect layout, belvedere, drapery, and of course well-chosen furniture.

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