Great Decorative Kitchen Countertops that Need to Consider for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

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Corian Kitchen Countertop With Stains As The Accent
Black Granite Kitchen Countertop Idea White Subway Tiles Backsplash Wooden Open Shelves
Honed Granite Kitchen Countertop In Black White Kitchen Countertop Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances Wooden Open Shelves Wood Floors Shabbier Runner Rug
Brightly White Quartz Kitchen Countertop Idea
Black Soapstone Kitchen Countertop Idea Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets White Open Shelves
Polished Granite Kitchen Countertop In Light Creame Wooden Open Shelves White Subway Ceramic Tiles Backsplash Dark Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop Natural Stone Tiles Backsplash Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets
Concrete Kitchen Countertop In Counter Stove Ceramic Tiles Backsplash With Classic Patterns White Kitchen Cabinets
Butcherblock Kitchen Countertop Idea Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Black Plastic Stools Wooden Open Shelves White Kitchen Cabinets
Bright & Clean Look Corian Kitchen Countertop In White

Kitchen countertop is one of major features in kitchens. You have to decide what type of kitchen countertop you want to select to your kitchen. With decorative kitchen countertop, cooking time will be more fun and kitchen also keeps stylish.

Find and see more ideas of decorative kitchen countertops and start to get inspired.

This kitchen countertop design is inspired from the designer’s favorite theme, winter kitchen. The theme takes lux of marble to make this part overlooked. White ceramic subway tiles backsplash exactly complement this countertop, resulting a clean and simple look.

If you’re looking for a cheaper kitchen countertop than marble, granite is the right option. Granite becomes the best option for stylish & luxury look without running out your budget.

Quartz offers bright look; really fits a clean-look and modern kitchen design. This type of kitchen countertop is also easy-to-maintain.

Butcherblock uses natural wood finishing. It’s visually giving a character and warmth that can’t be found in other products of countertop.

Concrete uniquely gives modern industrial touch to the kitchen, but it isn’t good for wet or moist area like spots nearest the sink.

Corian is another option for light, bright, and clean-look kitchen design. The material serves solid surface that’s non-porous and stain-resistant. Really recommended for a busy kitchen.

Terrazzo has been popular in 70s and now it becomes one of most favorite options for recent kitchen trend. The whole Corian’s surface has stains which give rich color accents.

Stainless steel is sanitary and durable. It’s a good choice for those loving gloss and metal-look kitchen. This material is also used for an industrial-look kitchen setting.

Polished granite has been selected for more shiny & smooth surface. Another point plus is the polished granite still exposes natural stone look.

For a matte and subtle look, honed granite is the best choice. It will be so obvious when bright or light colors become the match.

Porcelain is one of manufactured materials. It’s available in so many pattern and color options. You just need to select one that fits most your kitchen.

And this is the expensive one, the soapstone countertop for kitchen. The surface is heat-resistant as well as non-porous. Visually, its surface is elegantly matte look.

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