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Latest house architecture in modern day commonly delivers unusual design both for interiors and exteriors. A lot of architects have presented their great art of architectures that now are implemented for many constructions, including the private living space. Even, many of them put an eco-friendly concept as the priority in current architecture designs. Like following architecture ideas you’ll find the latest architecture ideas that bring uniqueness without missing functional and aesthetic aspects.

It’s amazing because this guest house uses sustainable materials, meaning that this house is echo-friendly. Designed by Steven Holl, the physic of exterior facade showcases uniqueness, especially asymmetrical shape. Smooth concrete walls in crisp white works perfectly with the frameless round glass windows and door. Simple yet upstated, isn’t it?

A dreamy lake house. I really like the physical model that visually describes a pointed roof and frameless glass openers. Seen from the outside, the house is so beautiful, especially when the water of lake creates that house reflection.

Peninsula house is categorized as one of best unique house architecture in current day. In the middle of construction, there is a huge exterior garden that visually makes the house more alive, meeting the greenhouse concept. Of course, this is interesting to adopt for elevating the living space quality. The exterior garden also creates a green area we need mostly in this modern age.

modern farmhouse staircase with greenery underneath


Inspiring. You can adopt this staircase idea to add a refreshing nuance in your own home. The greenery here can also be a stated spot to highlight the base of house, at least creating a vivid floral accent in the house. And look at the railings, they’re so stunning especially the shadow effect when the sunlight passes it by.

This architecture design is obviously unique, particularly how the architect builds this storey. It seems in crossing way, creating an asymetrical position against another storey. What a fantastic design!

Amazing twist – earthy concept is adopted in contemporary architecture design. You’ll find wood, green, and trees around this house. This is absolutely refreshing, at least giving us a natural atmosphere when being in this house.

I may call this a contemporary cabin. Visually, this cabin is two-storey one and it has a super-big glass wall panel exposing the whole interior. This is so interesting as it offers a warm and cozy place when we need some time to feel a calming and relaxing nuance.

What a fantastic idea – building such a fancy house in sloping area like this hill. It’s also challenging to start it because it’s exactly hard to build something in sloper area, but yeah this is it, the architect successfully made it! The sloping area is optimized as the car road connecting the garage and outdoor, while the bigger one is used as the green area. So genius.

It’s called a modern farmhouse dominated with natural wooden and transparent glass materials. I love the concept of modern-traditional farmhouse combination. I see the architect lets the traditional farmhouse existed through the whole facade of house, but he cleverly chooses glass and fabricated materials (used for roofs and floors) as the second important elements.

Very clean and minimalist. We just see two kinds of color hues used in this interior. Natural wood combined with whites is always impressing; it’s visually relaxing and simple, also matching for any interior styles.

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