Grey Quartz Countertops for Kitchens

Grey quartz countertops are only the little series of quartz countertops made from one of the hardest minerals in the world. This material is claimed as the most durable one, so it is used as the main material of kitchen and bathroom countertops. These countertops are most stunning and eye-catching one. It’s not hard to find them as they are produced in huge numbers today. Besides grey, other color options are available to meet your personal taste. Apple-green and fire-engine become the most popular colors and both are most wanted items in most recent. Other color options you can select include cream, black, and earthy brown. They are as perfect as grey and two other favorite ones.

Grey quartz countertops and other quartz countertops have sparkling and veining look like marble and granite. But, unlike natural stones’ slabs, the slabs existed in quartz countertops and other quartz-material countertops are intentionally engineered in factory. As for your information, a quartz countertop consists of several ingredients, such as ground quartz (as dominant ingredient for about 94%), polyester resins, and pigments.

Polyester resins are used to glue and to bind the quartz stone, while pigments here give it color. For few products, small amount of metallic flecks or glass are added to mixed ingredients. Before being added, metallic flecks or glass are recycled first. Quartz kitchen countertops are non-porous and resistant, so they do not need to seal. Compared to granite countertops; they are called as super-king and high-end kitchen countertops, but they typically need extra protection like top coat covered for at least each year.

In previous time, just a few of pattern and color options you may get from such quartz kitchen countertops. But it’s different now. Most manufacturers produce and offer wide ranges of slab. The slabs are created in different pattern. swhirls, flecks, and random patterns. They are applied for newest quartz kitchen countertop series. And the following are the samples of new grey quartz countertops design.


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