Hairpin Leg Coffee Table Design Considerations

Hairpin leg coffee table is great idea to select as unique coffee table in your living room. This is sophisticated, elegant, and sculptural masterpiece. Even, you can make your own hairpin leg coffee table from second-hand or unused materials such as the old wood door or rough plank in your basement. A hand-made hairpin leg coffee table is probably simpler than fabricated hairpin leg tables. That’s not a matter as the main purpose you want to pursue is it’s functional. Yet, if you are going to create a stylish hairpin table for a living room, here are some tips you may follow.

First, be sure that you select strong and firm steel or metal for the table’s hairpin legs. Metal legs are more recommended due to its strength. A carbon steel material is ok to be used. It is as strong as a metal material. Second, tiny legs are the main characteristics of a hairpin legs coffee table. This makes a hairpin leg tables cannot stand to much weight. That’s why you are suggested not to put much stuffs on it. Getting rid unused stuffs is good idea to keep the table stand longer.

Third, it is very important for you to select the best finishing. There are several finishing options to beautify your hairpin leg table, especially for the legs. The finishing includes wax, gun bluing, paint, clear finish, and blackening. You also need giving hairpin leg table’s surface the best coating to add contrast accent to your coffee table.

Wax coating works well and it is able to keep the steel legs last longer. To keep the color, it would be better if you re-apply the coat periodically. Gun Bluing is special coating that can protect the steel from corrosion. Paint coating becomes the most favorite coating duet to its various colors. Clear finish and blackening coats have different character. Clear finish has two variants: water and oil based-finishing. They can be wiped as the coat protection. Blackening is used by heating it first before being applied on hairpin leg coffee table.


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