Make Your Interior to be More Delightful with Half Curtain Rod Idea

Curtain is a must have decoration in your house. Is it right? I think it is true, and I guess you have it at least one. It is because window and curtain are two things that you cannot separate them. In this case, since there are so many different curtain, then what do you think to have a half curtain design? It is cool, so you must add half curtain rod too!

A vintage yellow half curtain design may become the first choice. Added with vintage metal rod in black tone, the outlook seems so strong to deliver old-fashioned style in the interior. It shares antique richness in the home although in vibrant yellow color.

In addition, a long flat aluminum rod could be another option to hang your sweet patterned half curtains. I think this rod matched to any curtain design and color as the tone is quite neutral. I like the tomatoes color of the curtain anyway!

Further, strong and firm copper rod design appears elegantly with cream bold curtain design. It stacks on the evening hue wall pretty perfect with curve end design.

Then, a half hexagonal metal rod could be a new style to fill your unique interior design. If usually rod appears in flat or curve style, now it invites you in geometrical pattern. Awesome!

Another one looks great in modern curve stainless steel rod. It is usually displayed in shower room with white curtain. However, the style is expensive enough to adore! What do you think?


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