Wide Selections of Half Curtain Rod

Want to dress up your home windows but still don’t know what else is needed to make your window looks new? Curtains are not the only one item required; curtain rod is a must to consider. Most people prefer curtains as the priority to its supporting items such as rod, drapery rings/ hooks, curtain holders, and so on. In case, these item are also important to afford in order to complete the curtain performance. Just like the window curtains, curtain rods are designed into dozens of types, colors, styles, and materials.

Half curtain rod is just one of many curtain rod types you can find at the stores. This type of curtain rods has many material selections, such as chrome, bamboo, wooden, stainless steel, nickel, and solid plastic. The rods are constructed in single or double curtain rods. Commonly, a half curtain rod is used for kitchen window curtain, bathroom window curtain, and bedroom window curtain. To support the curtain beauty, the rods are intentionally produced in many beautiful and artistic look. The color also affects much on their look.

A half curtain rod must be installed in pair. There are two options of half curtain rod installation. First, the rod mounted on the up-edge window frame and the second, the curtain rod is installed on higher up-edge of window’s frame.

In addition, generally there are several rod types: return rods, classic rods, track rods, tension rods, and tension rods. Each type has its own special characteristic and benefits. To see more half curtain rod products, here are few of half curtain rod designs you may adopt.

Reference: www.bedbathandbeyond.com

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