Hand Espresso Maker: Best Choice for Personalized Home Cafe

Hanging out with some cups of coffee is or course everybody’s favorite thing to do while having great time with some friends. In this case, cafe or bar must be the favorite pub to share everything including the delicious coffee in espresso taste! without a step outside from the house, you are also able to have that wonderful taste of espresso with a hand espresso maker! Here, you can check some design that suits your style and fashion!

The first hand espresso maker is just a small item in black tone with its simple shape of tube. In its small design, you can bring it many where you want, including to the living room. So, hang out is now getting more enjoyable and effortless!

The next hand espresso maker looks vintage in its color combination of black and golden tone. It is also completed with vintage style of spinning the coffee with manual stick. You can feel the sensation of making espresso in classic way!

Meanwhile, for wider need, a range of four hand espresso maker are set in one design with spacious cups place. With the stick added on its top design, you have to spin the ingredients and mix them well until it smell good!

Another design looks fashionable with its unique transparent espresso storage to pour it to the cup. It is slim and portable too, so it is one item that you must have at home!

Further, a design with double pipes to pour the espresso appears with manual spinner. Thanks to the provided cup space that eases everybody with busy time for espresso maker!

Reference: coffee-brewing-methods.com

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