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Classic Styled Wrought Iron Stand For Hand Towels
Classic Wrought Iron Hand Towel Stand Design With Decoration At The Top
Simple Hand Towel Stand Idea Made Of Copper
Two Rail Chrome Stand For Hand Towels
Wrought Iron Hand Towel Holder With Artistical Lion Head
Stainless Steel Made Hand Towel Stand
Two Units Of Hand Towel Stands In Gold And Dark Brown Colors
Three Series Of Metal Hand Towel Stands In Dark, Silver, And Chrome Color Schemes
Chic Shabby Black Finished Iron Hand Towel Stand
Hand Towel Stand Made Of Chrome With Two Units Of Rail

Hand towel stand is one of bathroom properties that have crucial function. It has a lot of variants, based on models and materials. Take a look at the model; hand towel stand is designed in two different types. The types are free standing hand towel rack and hand towel trees. Today, manufacturers add electric warmer onto the towel to dry up the hand towel instantly.

Hand towel stand are made from various materials like metal, bamboo, and wooden. Metals become the favorite one since they have best durability and most proper one to be completed with electric power for warming up the stand. Only particular metal names are used as the main materials of hand towel stand. Nickel, chrome, stainless steel, and fabricated metals are included as the finest metal for constructing the series of hand towel stand.

Bamboo and wood become the second alternative materials for constructing the series of hand towel stands. Wood or bamboo-made towel hand stands look so unique, so they are often used as the decorative as well as attractive property for the bathroom. Both are so striking if they are paired with any modern interior bathroom.

Hand towel stand is best to place near bathroom vanity or other free-space at the bathroom. See the size to consider where it should be placed. By completing your bathroom with such hand towel stand, it will be very practical and convenient to take your hand towel after washing your hands or face.

Like regular towel stands, hand towel stands needs free-space to fit it properly. For the bathroom with limited space, there are still other products with similar function to a hand towel stand. These products are more available-space for your bathroom. They are hand towel holders, hand towel hookers, hand towel kits, hand towel rails, hand towel wall racks, and hand towel hangers.

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