Wonderful Idea for Hanging Chair on The Ceiling

Do you feel bored with casual chair? if you feel bored with casual chair, you can have a new chair style which is called hanging chair. This hanging chair does not have any legs, and it is hanged on the ceiling. How does it look like anyway? The shape of this hanging chair is little bit different from the common chair, for more explanation you can see the pictures showed in this article.

The first sample of hanging chair is made of rattan material. This rattan hanging chair has unique design with unusual chair design. This chair has a tough rope for hanging it to the ceiling. Moreover, the chair has nice soft seat surface. The other chair sample has very modern design which has glass concept. This hanging chair has shape like a half ball design with transparent back made of glass. It is hanged with a tough chain. In order to get a comfortable seat, you can add such a pillow for sitting. This is the best way to have hanging chair at home.

It is lighter than others and still has such a pillow for sitting on the chair. You can choose the color like white or green hanging chair on this design. This kind of chair is suitable for your baby anyway. Just make sure that the rope for hanging the chair is quite tough.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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